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Do Xbox Live Arcade games ever reduce in price, if they are older or during special sale events? I know Gold members get a deal-of-the-week but am unaware of anything beyond that.

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Deal of the week is not the only way prices are reduced on XBLA. There are more: there was also a Christmas promotion (a game a day) last year and XBLA Inventory Blowout this year.

Major Nelson is a good (and an advance) source of such information: Major Nelson's deal tag

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Yes, sometimes they go on sale, or the creator can decide to change the price. During the summer, there are summer savings, and sometimes other ones too. It just varies.

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Good news. Any tips for keeping track? – monorailkitty Aug 2 '10 at 15:11

Sometimes after a year or so there will be a permanent price drop, but there's no guarantee. And there are special deals every now and then, but you can't really predict what they will be. I keep track of this by subscribing to Joystiq's "Now Playing" RSS feed:

Every Tuesday they list the new releases for all consoles, including XBLA games and XBLA price changes. It's nice because I only have to look at it once a week. I'm sure there are other sites with similar content; Joystiq's just the one I'm familiar with.

You might also want to check out, though I found it took a much bigger commitment to keep up with it.

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