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I recently bought Doodle Jump for Android, and keep dying because I accidentally land on the broken platforms.

Do these ever serve a useful purpose, e.g. to slow you down if you're travelling at high speed? Or are they there merely to distract from the viable platforms?

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I studied some video of someone playing the game, and I don't think they have any effect on the physics of your character. Touching them doesn't appear to slow you down or give you any additional opportunity to change direction. I think they're just there to give you a false sense of hope :)

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You are correct. They're only there to confuse you so sometimes when you have to make a split second decision, you go for the broken platform by accident. – Mr Smooth Dec 15 '11 at 4:47

They are only useful to get two achievements:

  • Epic Fail: Break 50 platforms in one game.
  • Epic Fail FTW: Broke 1000 platforms total.

If your version of Doodle Jump doesn't have achievements, they're useless.

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