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After the Wall of Flesh, the Hallow appears and Corruption/Crimson spreads even faster.

  • Corruption/Crimson spreads through everything
    • Except Hallow
  • Hallow spreads through everything
    • Except mud (jungle)
    • Except synthetic blocks like gray-brick
  • The results of Hallow and Corruption meeting are unpredictable

How can I stop them both permanently and effectively from taking over the world, considering both the top layer and underground?

(Eg, simply placing gray brick on top of the surface won't stop the underground spread?)

And, is it worth the effort?

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It might be possible in theory, but it would take an incredible amount of effort and is, in my opinion, not worth it. If you remove all corruption and hallow, you'll be removing the sources for quite a few of the late-game materials.

If you're really hell-bent on it though, your best bet would be to, as soon as it appears, surround it with 4-wide tunnels/shafts. Corruption/Hallow can jump up to 3 blocks, so a 4-wide tunnel will prevent it from spreading past it. Then you can use purification/vile powder to clear it, although that will be quite tough as well, as you'll have to tunnel a grid through it to ensure you get all of it. You might want to infect a few of your flying islands with corruption and/or hallow first, though, so you still have some access to the materials.

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As an alternative to gridding it out, if one had enough cash, one could always just dynamite the everloving crap out of it. ^.^ –  Ben Blank Dec 15 '11 at 21:29
Well, yes, but I assumed he wanted to purify the land, not just destroy it :P –  SaintWacko Dec 15 '11 at 21:31
I just don't want it to take up ALL the world, as the wiki says that eventually it will O_O –  rlb.usa Dec 15 '11 at 22:43
Does the background-wall also need to be removed, or just the normal blocks/stone/dirt/whatever ? –  rlb.usa Dec 15 '11 at 22:44
While it's prohibitively difficult to isolate the hallow and corruption from the rest of the world, it's not so difficult to isolate a part of the surface as a nature preserve. –  Fambida Dec 15 '11 at 23:44

Pre-hardmode, your best bet is probably to limit the 'inconvenience' of Corrupted turf, and latter surgically remove areas of severe risk, before summoning and defeating the Wall of Flesh boss (activating Hardmode and the rapid spread of corruption/Hallow).

What I do is to chop down all trees (and remove any chests sitting on grass) in a corrupted area, and then beat the tar out of any and all grass (and thorns) on any exposed surface. I then brick over the entrances to the Chasm, and sprinkle Purification Powder on exposed Ebonstone (Vile/Purification Powders normalize, Holy/Unholy Waters convert a target to the extremes). What ends up happening is that generally, foot traffic through these 'tame' Corrupt areas tends to get interrupted much less by Corruption beasts (with the exception of the occasional Devourer), as most of the "Eater" creatures tend to have to come from the bottom edge of the screen, and get trapped inside their pits.

At this point, I mainly visit the Chasm for Shadow Orb breaking, and collecting Vile Mushrooms (and ripe Deathweed during Blood Moon, until I get enough seeds for a farm). On each visit, I dust the walls/floors with a stack or two of powder. Eventually, when it looks like most of the surface area in a section is pure, I dig down through the pit wall or chasm floor/ceiling, looking for any remaining ebonstone to nix, or corrupt grass spots to pound out. I flatten the surface to make fighting summoned Eater of Worlds bosses easy.

I advise that if you go about 'removing' Corruption, you take your time and do it before you go Hardmode, so that you don't have to do it all in one long, tedious run to avoid a relapse. Even then, I haven't really played into Hardmode yet, so I can't say how drastically you'll have to revise this strategy when it's triggered.

Generally speaking, there's enough clay or unexposed dirt in most strata of the underground's upper layers that you needn't fear needing to blow up the whole world. Remove corrupted/hallowed grass from as much of the surface (and surface caves/pools) as you can, and you should be fine.

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Ever since the 1.2 update, the NPC steampunker (gained by killing a hardmode boss) sells the clentaminator (for 2 platinum coins). If you're really sure you want to cleanse the corruption and hallow from your world, save up for it and it's ammo, green solution (25 silver). Simply spray on the corruption/hallow biome you want, and it's back to normal grasslands.

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I downloaded Scooterboot's Metroid Mod. Within it I was able to build a weapon that launches missiles that explode tiles. There's also a few other perks.

It takes forever, but is better than sprinkling magic peter pan powder everywhere.

Blow it all up, save the dirt so that you can craft the landscape at your preference.

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Magic Peter Pan powder :D –  Kitkat3547 Jul 7 at 18:58

I'm in the process of getting rid of corruption and I find that a mix of powder and explosives work well. However in Hardmode if you want to get your world corrupt free you will need a second player otherwise you're screwed.

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One way to fight(not totally fix the problem unless you are very devoted) is to use vile/purification powder on hallow/corruption blocks respectively. These powders will turn the blocks into regular blocks, though if you take too long to purify the world it may make no difference

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Really? When I was reading the wiki it thought it said doing this merely turned it into whatever powder you poured (eg, corruption poured with hallow powder turns into hallow?). Maybe I misread. Just wanted to check. –  rlb.usa Dec 15 '11 at 22:45
@rlb.usa — I haven't verified it myself, but my understanding is that you convert hallow to corruption via vile powder and convert corruption to "normal" via purification powder. –  Ben Blank Dec 15 '11 at 23:56
i just snagged this information from the terraria wiki. wiki.terrariaonline.com/Vile_Powder says near the bottom that it was added in 1.1 that corruption powder removes hallow. whether or not this information is true, i don't have access to terraria right now to check. –  Skizzlefrits Dec 16 '11 at 13:59
It doesn't change it to the other. It just removes it. –  SaintWacko Dec 16 '11 at 18:50
my friend was really ticked off by both stones, then we got the hamdrax and all of our problems were solved –  Skizzlefrits Dec 16 '11 at 18:54

It is not worth trying to remove it in your world. make a new world transfer your stuff and use a world with very little corruption. Then just live there until the corruption spreads. Rinse and repeat.

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As a cheaper answer to corruption you can always go into "my documents/my games/terraria/players" and copy ALL FILES for one player and go back in and out of the game double your purification powder or bombs (or even money) cheating, yes but makes it a little less frustrating.

Although I would more go for the method of mining either side then bomb the middle and build either a platform or bridge over the top.

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Get purification powder from your town Dryad. It depends on how much corruption you have to determine how much purification you will need. As far as I know corruption can't spread through dirt so as long as you spread it along the top of the grass and maybe in some chasms if needed you can slowly get rid of it day by day. Try to get rid of most corruption before hardmode, otherwise Corruptors will come and spread more corruption, basically reversing the whole cause. However, if the corruption has already spread a decent amount through a fairly large cave you are most likely hopeless unless you have a ton of bombs/grenades/dynamite

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But grenades cannot destroy blocks. –  Someguy112161 Oct 28 '14 at 20:29

If you are in late game, I suggest getting the rocket launcher (not the snowman cannon due to its homing) and rocket IV, which is sold for 5 silver each during a solar eclipse, or rocket 2, sold for 2 silver 50 copper during a blood moon, the clentaminator from the steampunker for 2 platinum, and green solution (for clentaminator). DISCLAIMER this is recommended if you are as bent on it as me. If not, then biuld a space city (all the npcs will negate most spawning).

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Start a new world, and use the Purification Powder on the corruption.

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