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Alright, I want to practice some new builds with the popular YABOT (Yet Another Build Order Tester). I have downloaded the single player maps and dropped them onto my SC2 shortcut to start them. Now there's the problem that I don't log on to but the map starts right away, this causes my customized hotkeys to not be loaded and applied.

How can I fix this?

Basically, I want to start downloaded single player maps from my hard disk and use my normal hotkeys.

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This is because your hotkeys are stored in the Battle.Net server, which you are not connecting to when loading a map directly from it's file. There is however a workaround, quoting:

For those of you wondering if you can run custom maps while online, yes you can, and here's how.

  1. Close Starcraft 2
  2. Open the map in the map editor
  3. Start the map with File->Test Document
  4. Wait until it loads up and quit the map
  5. At that point, do not close your Starcraft 2, and log into your account
  6. Alt-tab back at the map editor and do Test Document again
  7. Bam, you'll play the custom map while connected to BNET, and you'll be able to watch replays

This way I'm able to access my hotkeys as I am connected to Battle.Net.

Edit: On newer versions there seems to be a much better approach:

Go to: SC2 Folder \ Accounts \ Account Folder \ Hotkeys

Copy the Custom.SC2Hotkeys to: SC2 Folder \ Hotkeys

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the destination folder SC2Folder\Hotkeys hat to be created manually, it works now :) ty – fschl Dec 16 '11 at 15:01

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