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Builders of adventure maps often use separate text files or maps (the item) to display the storyline. This seems a little silly since there are books in minecraft, but you can't write in them. Furthermore there are many items that might tie in with writing, such as paper and ink sacs.

Are there any mods that would help makers of adventure maps write their story in-game by making it possible to write in books?

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As of Snapshot 12w17a, the Book and Quill has been added to the game, which allows users to write in books without the need to install any mods. The crafting recipe for the item is a Book, Feather, and Ink Sac anywhere in the crafting grid.

Crafting recipe for Book and Quill

Screenshot of Book and Quill being used

Wurstknifte's Bookmod seems to be a good fit. It adds a new kind of bookshelf that allows you to place coloured books inside of, and you can write (type) in the books. It's also compatible with 1.0.

enter image description here enter image description here

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There looks to be several mods of this sort around, such as Tomes by PinkEmma:

enter image description here

Or, this one here, Wurstknifte's Bookmod:

enter image description here

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Well, you have the tomes mod or wurstknife's books mod, but if you're patient enough, you could just wait for 1.3.

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