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I was wondering, which of the crew skills are complementary? Like mining and smelting in WoW, which gets the components for which?

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Slicing isn't complimentary directly, but is a general 'make money' skill; "money can be exchanged for goods and services" -Homer. You can buy mats on the GTN. So Slicing is indirectly complimentary to all crafting skills. – Mufasa Dec 19 '11 at 15:16
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Here's a very handy diagram for how the crew skills relate to each other.

crew skills diagram

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Looks like a lot of the crossing lines could be solved by rearranging some icons. E.g. swapping Archaeology and Treasure Hunting. – Sjoerd Dec 19 '11 at 15:21

Here's a graph that delineates gathering, crafting, and missions.

enter image description here

—from SWTOR Crew Skills Diagram on Google Docs

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Welcome to Gaming! Please edit your post to show the relevant parts here so that if the link dies, your answer will still be helpful. Also, see this post that explains how to properly write answers that links to external sites. Thanks! – Ash Dec 26 '11 at 5:58

This site contains a useful list of the most efficient Crew Skill combinations for each class based on the companion skill bonuses:


The following is a list of all the crew skills and their related Mission and Gathering counterparts:

Armormech - Scavenging - Underworld Trading
Armstech - Scavenging - Investigation
Artifice - Archaeology - Treasure Hunting
Biochem - Bioanalysis - Diplomacy
Cybertech - Scavenging - Underworld Trading
Synthweaving - Archaeology - Underworld Trading
Slicing - This Gathering skill is not associated with any Crafting skill
  • Armormech and Armstech are speficially for non-Force users.
  • Artifice and Synthweaving are specifically for Force users.
  • Biochem and Cybertech can be useful to all players regardless of their use of the Force.


  • Artifice - Archaeology - Treasure Hunting
  • Synthweaving - Archaeology - Underworld Trading


  • Cybertech - Scavenging - Underworld Trading Synthweaving
  • Archaeology - Underworld Trading


  • Armormech - Underworld Trading - Scavenging
  • Cybertech - Underworld Trading - Scavenging


  • Armstech - Scavenging - Investigation
  • Biochem - Bioanalysis - Diplomacy


  • Synthweaving - Archaeology - Underworld Trading
  • Cybertech - Scavenging - Underworld Trading


  • Synthweaving - Archaeology - Underworld Trading
  • Artifice - Archaeology - Treasure Hunting


  • Armormech - Underworld Trading - Scavenging
  • Cybertech - Underworld Trading - Scavenging


  • Armormech - Underworld Trading - Scavenging
  • Armstech - Investigation - Scavenging
  • Biochem - Bioanalysis - Diplomacy
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