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Slark being a squishy hero is a known fact. Standing 1v1 against him is quite hard. Even at low levels. I can't be teaming up all the time just to kill him.

The following are my rather defensive approaches

  1. Tower hugging - saves me with very low HP

  2. Hex/stun and run

  3. Blade mail and assault - potent but he heals and comes back fast.

  4. Force staff myself.

Any counter heros or offensive strategies particularly for 1v1?

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To begin with, early game Slark is essentially about as menacing as a paper napkin. Slark needs a pretty decent baby sitter to survive early game without heavy harassment. After Slark gets to level 6 things get trickier, but the fact remains that Slark has no survivability when faced with nukes.

So the effective counter heroes will deal heavy amounts of burst damage and essentially kill Slark before he has time to fully finish his combination of death pact, shadow dance, and leech enough stat points through essence shift.

While you may not always be able to team up to kill a hero, it is still recommended to try to wrangle at least 1 other teammate to assist. But given your criteria, and whether with support or without you will need to provide truesight. So wards, or dust if you intend on going 1 on 1.


Lina - unloading the early/mid game combination of her light strike array, dragon slave, and laguna blade

Bane Elemental - brain sap, fiend's grip, follow up with another brain sap - items to get in the mean time, necronomicon so that the minions can pound away while you disable

Leshrac - between diabolic edict and pulse nova Slark will have a pretty hard time standing directly next to you or even using pounce. On the off chance you are pounced on split earth should be like shooting fish in a barrel to land. And you still have lightning storm to cast.

Nerubian Assassin - mana burn, impale, vendetta, attack, repeat whichever skill is done it's cooldown.


  • observer wards
  • sentry wards
  • gem of true sight (situational)
  • necronomicon - (upgrade this) minions for added dps and on-demand true sight
  • blademail - synergy counter as essence shift and damage incoming is redirected
  • ghost scepter - disable Slark
  • eul's scepter - disable Slark
  • force staff - to break pounce link
  • blink dagger - to break pounce link
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I must admit, i was actually waiting for your review. +1 for the details. I will try it out soon. – Ashwin Krishnamurthy Dec 20 '11 at 5:10

To add on acm's Heroes part.


Everytime my team picked Slark, there will be a Bloodseeker opposite. Why ?

Bloodseeker have Thirst, and Thirst can reveal Slark or any enemy heroes when they are below 50% HP. This will completely removes the Slark's ability to regenerates when below 50% HP.

Just Rupture slark's ass off.

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Thirst only gives true sight below 25% HP. I'm not as familiar with Slark's ultimate, but from the description it sounds like the passive works as long as he is invisible. – turbo Jul 22 '14 at 15:20

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