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I'm playing as a Jedi Consular, and around level 7 I noticed that some people already have the T7-01 droid companion while I'm still all by my lonesome. Did I miss something? Where do I get T7-01?

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The T7-01 companion is for Jedi Knights only. So to answer your first question, it is not possible to get a T7-01 on your Jedi Consular.

As to when you'll get your first companion - keep following the main story quests, and you'll get your first companion: Qyzen Fess. Jedi Knights temporarily get a taste of their first companion around level 5, much earlier than the other classes who only get theirs shortly before leaving their starting planet.

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@RavenDreamer is correct, the first companion for Jedi Knights is T7-01. Jedi Consulars get Qyzen Fess first. See swtor things' Companion Overview — Jedi Consular list for the complete list of Consular companions.

T7-01 comes based on where you are in the class story. Jedi Knights get him on Tython, usually around level 4 to 6. They first get him after the High-Tech Savages quest. Though he doesn't stay permanently until several more missions down the class quest line.

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