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I started up a Human Republic Commando in TOR, and was delighted to be greeted with the delightful sound of Jennifer Hale.

So when I had the chance to make another Human character, I jumped at the chance, confidant Jennifer Hale would make just as lovely a Smuggler as she did Commando.

...Except, my human smuggler didn't sound like Ms. Hale, as expected.

So my question: What determines the voice actor/actress for your character? It doesn't appear to be based on race - is it based on class? Body type? Something else entirely?

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Based on imdb voice actor credits I would say each base class and sex combination determines the voice actor

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The voice actor is the predominant reason I chose my Jedi Knight. I was disappointed that David Hayter did not employ more gruff-speak. – Joshua Shane Liberman Jan 24 '13 at 20:52

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