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In Glowfish you have to rescue your friends and take them "home" to little mushroom houses. Each house requires a certain number of friends to fill it, and filing the house usually is a requirement for progressing further in a level.

I have found, however, that if I find a secret area, I usually end up with more friends than I have houses to put them in. I can end the level with these friends still following me, but does that mean I am missing out on some more secrets?

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Collect as many as you can and take them to the whirlpool at the end of the level. You likely aren't missing any more secrets (whether you missed a secret area would be a level-dependent question) and the friends aren't extra if you are going for score/stars. To get 4 stars on a level, you seem to need to find all friends which is why missing an enemy kill can lead you to get only 2 stars.

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