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The assault rifle is is supposed to be equipped only at standard weapons skill of 6, so how come I can equip it when my standard weapons skill is only at 4?

I know this is a glitch, but what triggers it?

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System shock rules, I used to be so scared of that game. –  Emerica. Dec 20 '11 at 13:22

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You cannot equip an assault rifle without a standard weapons skill of 6 in the base game. You might have installed a modification to your game (modifying the gamesys file, shock.gam) to change the requirements.

I know of most of the SS2 glitches, and this is not one I am aware of. I suspect you have a modified version of SS2. There are many balance tweak mods available for SS2, if you obtained your copy from a less-than-legitimate source one could quite possibly be already installed.

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