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I finally got to the main quest, and got the Clear Skies shout. Got all 3 words. It works everywhere, but Winterhold.

I have a couple quests going in and around Winterhold. Everytime I visit Winterhold, it is ALWAYS snowing. I want to clear it out. But it does not work. The guards eventually ask me to stop shouting.

Does the shout only work in certain areas? And since the name of the place is Winterhold, does it always have to be snowing?

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@agf I think that was referring to windhelm – l I Dec 20 '11 at 19:30
It might be a bug. Try using it inside the College's walls. – Krazer Dec 21 '11 at 20:26
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There are other things going on in Winterhold that could be affecting the weather. If you follow through the mage guild / college quest, you'll get an idea of what's troubling that region, and it's possible they'll elaborate further in DLC.

It's likely by design that you cannot use the shout there.

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Pretty much what you said. There is nothing going on in Winterhold, I am the Arch-Mage. But I accepted your answer for the by design can not shout. Shouting in the College works, and affects Winterhold as well. – ヴァイシャリ Dec 25 '11 at 15:26
Krazer had mentioned this already. Can you amend your answer to include that shouting Clear Skies works in the college and by that clears Winterhold. Thank You. – ヴァイシャリ Dec 25 '11 at 15:26

If you go to the big blue mana pool before the entrance to the Hall of Elements, get in it and shout up, the sky will clear for a bit but then go back to snowing.

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Don't use all three words, use the first one with a short shout then right when the Cooldown is up use it again... Works everytime...

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Use the shout at the college. The town may not be high enough altitude for your shout to reach the sky to clear it.

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