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I use a PKP pecheneg a lot in MW3 (multiplayer) and I can't seem to find the heartbeat sensor attachment for it. Could someone help me please?

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This might be a bug. Also note that, all Juggernauts in Survival mode carry this weapon and they do not drop it when killed. I'll be waiting on an official patch. – DrFish Dec 21 '11 at 8:41
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as you can read in this wiki, there's no Heartbeat Sensor available:

  • Red Dot Sight - Unlocked at weapon level 2.
  • Silencer - Unlocked at weapon level 5.
  • Grip - Unlocked at weapon level 8.
  • ACOG Scope - Unlocked at weapon level 11.
  • Rapid Fire - Unlocked at weapon level 14.
  • Heartbeat Sensor (with glitch only)
  • Holographic Sight - Unlocked at weapon level 22.
  • Extended Mags - Unlocked at weapon level 25.
  • Thermal Scope - Unlocked at weapon level 27.


The PKP Pecheneg is one of the few LMGs that can't accept the Heartbeat Sensor in Multiplayer (the PKP Pecheneg can only be seen with a Heartbeat Sensor in the Campaign mission "Return to Sender", also, that PKP Pecheneg can't be picked up).

i can't find any information about that noted "glitch" and never heard of this before - but even if this is possible, i wouldn't recommend to use this glich because of the risk of being banned...

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