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I'm inside the Great Tree. In front of me are two floating platforms, hanging from ropes. I can leap across to the first platform, but can't leap to the next, or to the ledge on the left. How in the world do I get to the second platform?

I've tried running back and forth to get the platform to swing. I've tried doing a spin move out of the water, but can't get high enough. The only result is more stillness.

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Use the Gust Bellows to push the platforms apart. Then they will rock back to where you can jump on the next one and make it across.

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Note that to get the maximum distance on your swing, you have to use the Bellows twice; use it, let the platform rock back and forth, then use the bellows again at the apex of the swing. You'll go further back and further forward on the second swing. – 75th Trombone Dec 23 '11 at 2:19

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