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In Arkham City, you can interrogate enemies to get hints (markers on the map) of where to find Riddler's trophies. I've finished the game now, and finished all sidequests, but I still have 6 trophies to find (spread between Park Row and Amusement Mile). Problem is: I've soaring Arkham for a couple of days now and haven't found anyone to interrogate anymore.

Therefore I ask, is it normal that there are no hints for the last few trophies? (Am I meant to find them on my own?)
Or should I keep looking for people to interrogate?

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Never mind, I was mistaken. Turns out all these trophies (which I thought were missing) were inside buildings (like the courthouse or the church). That's why I wasn't finding their markers on the map, they weren't on the main map.

I feel a little silly that I spent two days looking for an informant. =/

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Nice, that confused me for a while too. :P – Ullallulloo Dec 22 '11 at 20:49

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