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I am trying to accomplish the mission "The Rise of Africa" but I failed already 3 times because, at the end of period (2045), HDI index is not increased over requested target.

I am new to the game, can you please explain me how can I manage to finish that mission?

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After approximately ten tries, this is what I've finally got:

    • NA: 2 agents, welfare, enviro offices
    • SA: 2 agents, enviro office
    • NA: 1 agent, water management, medical welfare, political office
    • SA: 1 agent, water management, welfare office, political office
    • NA: 1 agent, security assistance, educational enrollment, enh. water infrastructure, medical welfare
    • SA: 1 agent, security assistance, transport, medical welfare, drought
    • NA: 2 agents, job-sharing, drought, storm, security assistance, educational enrollment, medical welfare
    • SA: 1 agent, storm, transport, medical welfare, impr. drought, enh. water
    • NA: transport, impr. drought, impr. storm, baby boom, security assistance, educational enrollment (I stopped job-sharing)
    • SA: 1 agent, educational enrollment, transport efficiency, medical welfare, job-sharing, grow commerce, grow industry

End result: 0.70 HDI for SA, 0.73 HDI for NA. I think I had easy mode enabled.

A note: should you still lose, it may be faster to load the autosave and change the cards in the last turn until things work, rather than starting every time from scratch.

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Thank you for the hints. I understood that I recruited too less agents while they key is recruiting at least 2 each turn, with a bit more focus on NA. Final result 0.76 NA 0.73 SA – Drake Dec 26 '11 at 20:10

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