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I've found the unique item Crystal Focus, which has the ability "can be combined with a weapon". However, whenever I try this, it seems I don't have a suitable weapon.

What kind of weapon am I looking for? Is this ability restricted to a particular character class, like the alchemist?

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From this thread:

The crystal focus only works on plain no-ego weapons.

Further, from this thread:

Ah yes... the Crystal Focus. When melded with a normal, plain weapon, the results are great. More damage, random magic damage, pushed crits, pushed APR, pushed spellpower. An all-terrain bonus-fest.

Sadly bugged to hell.

Occasionally (had it go both ways) on the Imbue screen it will not activate, and the natural reaction of the erstwhile Player is to click multiple times apon the weapon out of sheer indignant righteousness. This has the unique effect of actually imbuing the crystal focus each click making a game-breaking kill everything weapon with a typical damage range in the hundreds of thousands. Read the new sig of Darkgod for the record damage of this bug. (I think its' around two Billion damage - the RNG flags the sucker with an exponential value!)

Awesome, right? It also makes your Rod of Recall dissappear, rendering this bug a potential game-breaker.

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Ah, only works on plain weapons. That explains a lot. That thread is very interesting. Looks like the bug can be avoided by dropping the Rod, and only clicking once. Looking forward to trying this out now. Thank you! – ire_and_curses Dec 24 '11 at 20:20

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