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I've been trying to install Skyrim with the store bought DVD, but because I can't log on to my newly created Steam account, I can't install it. I've been trying to find a solution online, but no luck so far. I've sent a message to the Steam support, which hopefully will provide an answer. Right now I'm disappointed, and not impressed with Steam, or Bethesda. Anyone have a solution?

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More information on what it says when you try to log in would help. This question is pretty vague. You should give a step by step description of what you're trying to do. –  victoriah Dec 26 '11 at 10:03

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It would be great if you said what error you were getting when you are trying to log in ;-)

First off, make sure you actually created a Steam account - the Steam forum accounts are completely seperate, so if you registered there you'll need to register again using the Steam client.

Check your email inbox - You need to validate your email address after registering a Steam account (this applies to both Steam accounts, and their forum, for anyone wondering).

Also, Steam often has issues connecting on dialup/56k modem speed. If you're on a connection this slow, you might have to use someone else's internet to log in, then switch to offline mode when at home.

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