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So, Presence as a stat, is defined as raising your companions health and damage/healing output. Awesome! A stat just for soloing, that's pretty handy.

And, using a +Presence stim, I see that, yes, my companion has just gained a bunch of health. Nifty. But +Presence can also be found on/added to gear with augments. And what I'm curious about is if companions will derive the same benefit if the companion is wearing gear with +Presence. And if so, does it do so by an amount greater than, or less than equipping them with a comparable amount of their preferred stats.

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Companions do not gain any benefit from wearing gear with +Presence.

To test this, I used two earpieces, both with 28 endurance, and one of which had +6 Presence as well.

When I equipped the +Presence earpiece onto my character, my companion gained +30 to max health. When I switched between the two earpieces on my companion, her health remained constant.

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Measurement at the moment is very tough. However, I would see no reason why +Presence augmentations would not effect them as well. A better question to ask is "Is +Presence gear benefiting my character more than other stim/item stat would?

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The specific question I'm asking shouldn't require much measurement at all. Merely a piece of +presence gear that a companion can equip. How Presence compares to other stats is, as you noted, a seperate and also very important question, which I referred to, but don't need answered just yet. (I suspect that one will have to wait for a combat log to show up.) –  LessPop_MoreFizz Dec 27 '11 at 12:33

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