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I can't seem to find the information. Does getting the dual casting perk also work for dual casting different spells?

For example, if I have Frostbite in one hand, and Sparks in the other, will the combination creates something new, or will it just be better overall?


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No. Dual Casting perks only apply to cases where you have the same spell equipped in both hands.

You can not combine spells to get interesting or useful 'combined effects'.

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The text of the dual-casting perk is:

"Dual casting a destruction spell overcharges the effects into an even more powerful version." (emphasis mine)

Since the hand animation changes when dual-casting the same spell and not different spells, and the perk description specifies singular, my guess is you cannot dual-cast different spells.

You can test this by using the impact perk, and seeing if you're still able to stagger opponents.


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