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In Star Wars: The Old Republic, completing certain objectives while in a Warzone will earn you a "medal" buff, which gives you additional valor and commendations when the Warzone ends.

What is the criteria for each medal? Is it possible to earn certain medals more than once?

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I dont know the complete list but here is what I atleast do know. Im not sure if the complete list has been achieved yet either way.

  • Solider - 25 kills
  • Assassin - 1 solo kill
  • Combatant - 90k dmg
  • ??? - 360k dmg
  • Commando - 10 kills
  • Quick Draw - 1 killing blow
  • Shield - 5k Defended
  • Guadian - 2k Defense 1 life
  • Defender - 1k Defender points
  • Paladin - 10k defense 1 life
  • Demolisher - 3k+ single hit
  • Annihilator - 6k+ single hit
  • Healer - 90k Healing
  • ??? - 360k Healing
  • Medic - 3k+ single heal
  • ??? - 6k+ single heal

There are also some for getting defender points but I cannot recall the amounts for them or their names.

I do know however that you cannot get duplicates for any of these, as ive personally healed 20+ games and i've done almost every heal at 2.5k+ and never got more than one medal for it.

Hope this helps, id love to see the full complete list aswell ! ... if anyone has any to add or update , comment and ill add it to the list here so we can have something for it in one place.

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Thanks! For completeness: do you know which ones are bronze, silver, or gold? –  Sjoerd Dec 28 '11 at 23:39
off top of my head I don't, but I will make note of this as I go. Good idea ! –  Ward Dec 28 '11 at 23:41
@Sjoerd - I think that's based on how many you have, not what they are. –  Raven Dreamer Jan 22 '12 at 6:42
@Ward Could you update this to include the new medals found in Patch 1.2? –  Wipqozn Apr 12 '12 at 17:12
  • Trauma Surgeon – 5k healing from a single heal
  • Destroyer – Dealing 300K damage
  • Savior – Healing 300K
  • Warden – Earning 3k Defender Points
  • Protector – 50K Protection

  • The Gold ranking is awarded for earning 6 or more medals during a match

  • The Silver ranking is awarded for 3-5 medals
  • The Bronze ranking is awarded for 1-2 medals
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