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I was trying to read the instructions on how to fish, but my hand shook and instead of clicking the down arrow to read more, I closed the explanation. I tried just fishing anyhow, hoping I would figure it out, but nothing worked. I get nibbles on my line but I can't actually figure out how to reel the fish in!

How can I fish? I dont want my family to starve!

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The fishing tip reads:

Up ahead is a spot to fish. Use the Wii Remote to aim and press the B Button to cast. Cast your bobber where fish will see the bait, but not so close that you will spook them. Fish will nibble the bait, but wait until they bite and pull the bobber under water before you start to reel in. Rotate the Control Stick to reel in.

In my experience the fish always pull the bobber down after 1-3 nibbles. Don't try to reel the fish in as fast as you can. Maintain a steady pace as you spin the control stick and you'll have you're "Reel Talent" trophy in no time.

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Awesome. I was missing the bit on how to reel fish in. :) – Ashley Nunn Dec 29 '11 at 2:37

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