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It seems I'm almost at the end in Great Adventures: Lost in Mountains.

I've already obtained all the parts required for the goal to make part #1 and part #2 except for the sketches.

Where do I find the sketches for part #1 and part #2, and how do I get them?

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Created a tag for you – Wipqozn Dec 29 '11 at 15:11
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According to this walkthrough, you'll need to go to Suite #4 to get the mirror, and then use the mirror in Suite #1 on the lasers. This opens up the rest of the suite, where you'll find sketch parts #1 and #2.

(If you need more help, and you'd rather not be spoiled by consulting the walkthrough, edit your question and post a comment on my answer and I'll try to add more specific detail.)

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