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How do you go about unlocking some of the seemingly more obscure dogtags in BF3? Specifically: Dog Tag Name - Description

  • 6 Wolf Moon - No one likes a lone wolf
  • Bye Kitty - Scratched during the long lonely hours on watch
  • Road - Highly irregular, but amusing
  • Pile O Bones - Are all these even from the same person?
  • Opener - Indespensable equipment for excursions
  • Ace of Spades: You win some, you lose some
  • Bringer of Death: Because that's what you are
  • Cause of Death - Fishy abbreviation (be something to do with Call of Duty probably)
  • More Dinosaurs - Because that's what we really need
  • Haggard - Gets around quite a lot
  • Mayan - Incredible, isn't it?
  • Yarrr - Talk like a pirate

These are located towards the bottom of the dog tags page, a few rows above the Assault/Engi/Support/Recon Service Star 5+ dog tags.

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Doctor Pepper Promotional Tags:

  • 6 wolf moon
  • Bye Kitty
  • Opener
  • Roar
  • Pile O Bones

This promotion ends on 12/31, and it might already be difficult to find the specially marked Doctor Peppers for this, so if you want these, act fast :)

Pre-Order bonuses:

  • Ace of Spades
  • Bringer of Death
  • Cause of Death
  • More Dinosaurs
  • Haggard
  • Mayan
  • Yarrr

For these, you have to have pre-ordered the game. I think some of these were retailer exclusive. It seems like at least Ace of Spades and More Dinosaurs were from Amazon.

There's a full list of all the tags and how to unlock them on this site.

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