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I understand how the basic Culture Bomb works. What I'm asking is if you own the tile adjacent to a neighboring city (other player or City State) and perform a Culture Bomb in it, will you take over that city?

In the picture below, the x's are your territory, the o's are your neighbor's, and the C is your neighbor's city.

x x o o o o
 x x C o o
x x(x)o o o
 x x o o o

If you bomb the (x) tile to change the territory like so

x x o o o o
 x x C o o
x x(x)x o o
 x x x o o

will you control the city C?

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According to this (fairly comprehensive) guide, a Culture Bomb will not convert a city. The author states that those long-range land grabs can still be useful even if they're outside of your cities' 3 tile radius utilization zone, to simply deny those resources to your enemy.

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Or just splitting up their territories in different parts. You can get rich by opening your borders to them. – Flater Jan 4 '12 at 10:05
I confirmed this in a test game by using two Great Artists--one to get adjacent to Monty's city and the second (albeit much later because you have to wait some number of turns [30?] between Culture Bombs) to grab the city. I got the tiles on either side of the city but not the city's tile itself. Monty wasn't too pleased! Luckily he's already busy with the French and Norwegians. :) – David Harkness Jan 4 '12 at 10:14
I just used this to invade the Inca who had built the Great Wall. It allowed me to set up my units adjacent to his first city so I could take it on the same turn I declared war. – David Harkness Jun 7 '12 at 22:34

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