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There's probably a reason we're given the option to sell towers in Squadron TD, but I never sell them because I don't wish to waste what I've spent.

For instance, after wave 20, is a Dark Mage worth keeping? Or is 50% of his paltry value worth putting towards yet more Lords of Death?

How can I determine when I should sell towers, if ever?

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I sell towers pretty frequently if I need just a little more to get me to the tower I need. I like the custom builder and use zerglings, so it's not a huge issue.

But usually I don't sell units because they're always good to take at least one hit from a wave before moving on to my better towers. It all depends on your build.

Also what if you miss click a tower? There's no other way to remove it (that's why it gives full cash back if you do it in the same round.) But yah, it's mainly used as an "oh shit" I need a lil more to get the tower I really need.

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What I always do is this: start off with a couple of weak towers and then trade them off for a stronger tower when I need it.

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