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When playing custom Garry's mod maps, I find it quite annoying to have 3/4 of the items being the big bright red error prop, meaning that I don't have that thing in any of my owned games.

I do own Portal 1 and 2, L4D 2 and TF2, so I'm guessing all that stuff comes from Half-Life, that I do not own.

Is there some way to download all of these without buying HL and/or HL2?

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Garry's Mod only works with the props from the games you have installed, and as far as I know you have to own the games in order to have access to the content.

However, I'm sure if you were to look hard enough and ask nicely, you'd be able to come up with a way to get some of these games without having to pay for them, or at the very least, at a significant discount.

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