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Do creatures you buy through the Altar of Wishes get assigned to your main Hero on each map? I am wondering it they are really worth purchasing. If they are faction specific this could lead to a large investment if one is planning on playing every faction. If they require pre-built structures, then it would detract from the advantage of purchasing them through limited dynasty tokens. In my opinion, the start game is the most crucial factor in a decisive victory.

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Rolled back your edit so people can understand what the question was. I'm sure other people have had the same question/confusion, and this way they can find it and the answer. – bwarner Jan 9 '12 at 16:37

You cannot buy creatures in the Altar of Wishes. What you are purchasing is a creature's icon which you can use in place of a hero to display in your Dynasty.

Like titles, they're essentially worthless, and since you can't buy everything in the Altar of Wishes, focus on the Dynasty Weapons and Traits first.

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