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Hammerfight appears to support multiplayer, as it has an option for 'multy-mouse' input. How can I actually get into a multiplayer game with a friend, and does multiplayer support mouse+gamepad input?

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Getting into a multiplayer game is actually rather easy, and there isn't much difference between a controller and a mouse (though I haven't actually tried plugging in two controllers at the same time, admittedly. Mouse + controller works like a charm).

To "enter" multiplayer mode, just click on each connected mouse or press a button on the connected controller. You should then have two (or more) cursors visible (Red and green for two players):

Two cursors

Next, pick a game mode (either arena, grim or hammerball. The story mode does not support co-op) and have each player pick a profile (in the screenshot, player 1 has already picked a profile):

Choose your combatant

Then, multiplayer madness:

Multiplayer madness!

(!) Notice that this can only be possible on 32-bit running Windows OS starting with Windows XP. Game doesn't support multimouse mode on 64-bit operating systems.

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