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To earn the Smoke Detector medal in the Search and Destroy campaign, I have to

Use the Smoke Pellet to create a smoke cloud and take down a henchman as he panics in the smoke.

I've hit twice on the D-pad to select the smoke pellet, but pressing L1 throws the batarang. Holding down L1 doesn't seem to work either. How do I use the smoke pellet? Is it a future gadget upgrade?

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You can toss a smoke pellet in the following ways:

  • Tapping triangle while under fire
  • Choosing it, aiming with L1 and tossing with R1
  • Tapping R2 while aiming with L1

You can always review the controls by going into the WayneTech menu and choosing Smoke Pellet under Gadgets

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I played the challenge some more tonight and discovered you can only use the smoke pellet once. Also, to get the medal, you have to do a silent takedown in the smoke. – splattered bits Jan 11 '12 at 5:26

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