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I need lots of earth, but it's so rare I'm having a hard time finding it. Is there a region in which it is more commonplace?

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The best resource for locating resources in the game is Zog's Glitchy Tools. In addition to telling you where all the Dirt Piles are, it will also suggest the closest location to you to find some using the Glitch API.

Kajuu, for instance, is absolutely buried in dirt.

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I can't remember it exactly but the cave areas near the top right of the starting map and in the next map over in that area I think really caves have the most so wonder the caves also you can look up what is in an area ahead of time on the encyclopedia.

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This answer is useless. There's more than a dozen starting locations in the game, and many more 'caves' of various sizes in the game. The 'caves' in the upper right corners are mining areas, for rocks not dirt – Private Pansy Jun 20 '12 at 15:23

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