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I recently downloaded AirMech, but when I try to run it, Iron(Chrome) says, "No plug-in available to display this content." What plug-in do I need?

I can confirm that I'm able to view other things using Flash, Java, Unity, HTML5, and Shockwave. I also have the latest version of Iron.

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any chance you are running no script or some other ad blocking mechanism? – l I Jan 13 '12 at 23:22
@yx.: It's Iron so it comes with AdBlock, but I don't use it much, so there's a good chance I'm missing a plug-in. – Ullallulloo Jan 13 '12 at 23:24
hmm... my guess would be flash. According to this thread you can use the same flash plugin that chrome uses. – l I Jan 13 '12 at 23:25
@yx.: No, flash works fine. – Ullallulloo Jan 13 '12 at 23:28
You could always apply for the actual alpha. – GnomeSlice Jan 13 '12 at 23:52
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Just looked through an article about it and it suggested you do these three things:

  1. Use Chrome. Chromium may have issues with Native Client
  2. Type chrome://flags in address bar and enable Override software rendering list (browser restart required)
  3. Native Client is enabled in chrome://flags

I may have to take a look at this. Looks like it's built on the Spring engine.

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hmm, nope, didn't work; I'm still getting the same error. – Ullallulloo Jan 13 '12 at 23:44
Hm. I don't actually use Chrome, so I can't do any testing on my end. – SaintWacko Jan 14 '12 at 1:56
Yeah, I asked on their site, and the developer said it only works with Chrome. I tried that and now it works. – Ullallulloo Jan 14 '12 at 3:55

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