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I have an SNES console hooked directly into the back of my TV in the coaxial RF antenna port.

However, I would like to be able to switch to-and-from the console with my AV receiver. I currently only have Component (YPBPR) and HDMI ports available on the back of my receiver.

Is it possible to hook up an SNES to a home theater system?

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Are you sure your TV has no S-video input? – MGOwen Nov 9 '10 at 0:21
@Joe You just found a reason for gaming.SE to require MathJax/LaTeX support :-P – Zommuter Mar 25 '13 at 20:53
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Your best option is to get an SNES/N64/GC S-video cable, and use a third-party s-video to component adapter.

The system came with a stereo A/V cable (red/white/yellow), and Nintendo also sold a first-party S-Video cable. SNES, N64, and GC used the same multi-out port, so if you have trouble finding an SNES S-video cable, try searching for N64 and GC S-video too. (GC also had a separate port for component video output.)

Note: the multi-out port on the smaller, redesigned SNES model will not work with the S-video cable. If you only have the redesigned system you'll need to use a composite-to-component adapter instead.

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