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In Kingdom Rush, one of the achievements is:

Like a Henderson

Free the sasquatch on the Icewind Pass.

When I load the map, I see the sasquatch and I can click on it, but the option to free him never seems to be enabled:

Icewind Pass sasquatch

How do I enable it so I can free him and complete the achievement?

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You have to melt the ice with your Rain of Fire ability first.

Then you will be capable of summoning the Sasquatch by clicking on the cave.

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You have to use the rain of fire on the ice wall and then you pay 500 for the Sasquatch and he is very helpful when dealing with the yetis.

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I don't see how this adds additional info. You're just repeating what agent86 said. – waifu Jan 25 '13 at 1:54

Use rain of fire on the cave's entrance and then pay 400-500 gold to summon the Sasquatch.

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