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I know the following ...

  1. One from daily from PVP vendor on Fleet
  2. One from daily "Help the War Effort" on Illum

You could get ...

  1. Three from Weekly from PVP vendor on Fleet
  2. Three from Weekly from Illum "Help the War Effort"

Are there any other Champion Bags available as rewards?

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You can also get a the bag in exchange for 200 Warzone Commendations + 200 Mercenary Commendations.

You can get 10 Mercenary Commendations by changing 30 Warzone commendations at the PvP Items vendor by the Pvp Daily Terminal (you can also exchange the Bags here).

Therefore every 800 Warzone Commendations ( 200 + 600 to exchange to Merc ones) gets you another bag.

PS. Yesterdays update changed just how you complete the daily/weekly Ilum quests. The rewards remain the same.

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Champion Bags are no longer available in-game.

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In one day you can get as many bags as you can earn.

1 for the daily warzone quest. 1 for the daily illum pvp quest. 3 from the weekly warzone quest. 3 from the weekly illum pvp quest.

and then you can buy bags from the vendor for 200 warzone and 200 mercenary commendataions ( 800 warzone commendations (you can buy 10 merc for 30 wz from the same vendor you can buy bags from) ).

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