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So, I have been blindly making potions/poisons to raise my skill level using a calculator to just make the most expensive combinations I can. Last night when I go to sell my stacks off to get more ingredients I find this poison in my inventory and have to do a double take.

For those who do not want to click the link it does 1651 damage along with a few other effects. My alchemy is not to 100, I do have some of the basic +s and the more damaging poison and beneficial perks, but this seems just way way out there. Was this a fluke? Are poisons of this level possible?

Edit: Ingredients and an Ah Ha.

This poison had to have been made with a Jarrin Root which is only obtainable by a quest and only one sample. (I must have done my crafting while on this quest I guess). The recipe was:

  • Jarrin Root
  • Ectoplasm
  • Glow dust

So, this potion aside as it is a one time only deal (Should have saved it :D), what should I be expecting from my poisons for outright damage?

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The reason why your poison is so high is because you used the jarrin root. It is extremely deadly and I've seen potions with it that can go much higher. The wiki says that jarrin root and deathbell can make a poison of 2400 damage.

You should have saved it as there's no way to obtain a second jarrin root except through the console.

Through normally obtainable ingredients, the highest damage poison I was able to make (while wearing 5 pieces of fortify alchemy gear, including usage of the falmer helmet glitch, all necessary alchemy perks and alchemy skill at 100) was this:

enter image description here

This was done with these ingredients:

For some reason, crimson nirnroot makes the strongest damage health effect @221, all other combinations do not come close.

Assuming the target has no poison resistance, this will end up being roughly 384 instant damage. Here are combinations of damage health with other effects:

Crimson Nirnroot + Giant Lichen + Jazbay Grapes: enter image description here
The ravage health comes handy since it lowers the max hp of a target so they cannot heal themselves to regain that hp.

Crimson Nirnroot + Imp Stool + Slaughterfish Eggs:
enter image description here
If you do not care about instant damage, this is probably the highest damage poison you can make in the game with over 500 poison damage.

And finally, for a fun experiment, here is what my maxed out alchemist can make with a jarrin root:
ITS OVER 9000!!!! Roughly 12.8k damage(take that Alduin!)

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I believe you will find all of this information in the question. What I am looking for now is what I should be expecting from poisons that do not include this singular ingredient. Thanks though. – James Jan 17 '12 at 16:12
@James my bad, I'll update my answer after some testing – l I Jan 17 '12 at 22:34
Wow! Lost of nice and useful information. Thank you! :) – James Jan 18 '12 at 1:19
no problem, its always fun to test mad scientist cackle – l I Jan 18 '12 at 1:22

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