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Cross games, but here it goes:

I've been doing Fitocracy lately, so I've been logging all my workouts. A friend got my UFC Personal Trainer for Hanukkah and I wanted to give it a try. I love Xbox, I love working out, and I love achievements. It seemed like a match made in heaven, except...

I finished my first work out and I went to log the activities, standard things like Push-Ups, Squats, etc, and the game was even nice enough to keep track of how many I did while I was doing them. However, after the workout was over and I wanted to log the number, I couldn't find that information anywhere. The after workout only had "Points," which corresponded more with how many reps I did in a row rather than how many total. I tried looking up information in my workout journal, but the only thing recorded there was Calories. Which leaves me with only one question:

After a workout, how do I know how many reps I have done?

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