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The Pols Voices I am encountering in the Bottle Grotto seem to be pretty immune to damage. Sword strikes won't kill them, and I don't really have anything else that I can use, it being so early in the game.

Pols Voice

Sorry for the tiny picture, but that is the enemy I am talking about.

How can I kill it?

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Pols Voice are susceptible to a number of non-sword attacks. Bombs, arrows, bomb arrows, and my personal favorite tactic of throwing pots at them are all functional for damage. If you're in Bottle Grotto, you're probably going to need to throw a pot.

In the instruction booklet for the original Legend of Zelda, it was mentioned that Pols Voice have a weakness to sound. While this never manifested in the original game for US audiences (as it required the microphone in the original Famicom's controllers), it manifests in Link's Awakening as instant death when hearing the Ocarina (specifically, play the 1st song).

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The original Famicom controllers had a microphone? Neat! – Ash Jan 20 '12 at 17:33

They are able to be destroyed by jars or bombs if there are jars in the room or if you have any bombs.

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Pick up a nearby pot with your all-new gloves and throw it onto him.

Warning, the following video demonstrates the killing, but also spoils how to solve the room you find the pols voice in.

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