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Is there a console command to rename a building or other marked area? I am going to customize a house using console and put it back onto the xbox (change ownership, add objects, ect.), so I can't use mods.

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What do you mean you want to put it back on Xbox? The console versions don't have a console nor can they run mods (currently) so I'm a little confused about what you're asking... – Peter Jan 22 '12 at 17:56
I have both the pc version and xbox version- I mainly play on Xbox though. Anything done on console will stay when I transfer the save to xbox. However, playing on Xbox leaves any mods out of the question because they change the game itself, not the save file. – Ben Jan 22 '12 at 19:34
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As far as I can tell, no, none of the place names in the game can be modified (except by changing the locale, which is different). The console commands that affect location are:

GetLocationCleared <id>
SetLocationCleared <id> 1
ResetInterior <id>
coc <cellname>
cow <worldspace> <cell x, cell y>

(The latter two stand for Center on Cell/World.)

None of those provide much control over the properties of a location, just toggling some flags or placing the character.

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