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I've been strugling to find any good (non outdated) guide for Crusaders class line of Ragnarok Online .

I am leveling a Crusader (non Transclass yet),using two handed spears,and some elemental one handed spears when i have to.

I really need some advices because, i dont want to mess up my build once i level up again after reborning.


1 - For PVP Focus, what is the Attribute build i should follow ?

2 - What are the best Weapons that i can find ? (One handed Spear with shield / two handed spear)

3 - For leveling this first time,i am stacking agi to 85,than i will focus into str + vit for mobbing ,will it work without Grand Cross skills ?

Any tips for me ? Links for good guides ? I am VERY LOST about how to build up my character correctly because it is my first ragnarok character.

My server rating is 1x, it is the retail one where i live.

Thanks in advance.

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Why not check the forums of the server you play on? They usually tend to have a subforum for builds and whatnot. – Sunspawn Feb 26 at 11:23

Wow. 1x rates. that's awesome ..I'm sorry because I'm not good in crusader but I played one. My main is knight, but I can give a few tips:

  1. For pvp build, you should build a GC or tank build because mainly your skills is for tanking. Stats are high Vit, high int and some str if you want.
  2. If you going to PvM, main spear are hellfire or brionac. If you can, have Brocca.
  3. Yes. But not greatly efficient. :) for guide try google crusader build guide XD.
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