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I just purchased the Starcraft Battle Chest containing Starcraft and BroodWar. When I try to install Starcraft I get halfway through and I'm prompted to "Insert Disk 2". The box did not contain a second disk. My computer is Windows 7 (x64). What do I need to do to continue?

Box Contents:

  • Starcraft Disk
  • Broodwar Disk
  • WoW Trial Disk
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After you install the Original version of Starcraft, take the CD out, and put in the Brood War Starcraft CD in and it will finish up the loading.


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You can also download it directly from the battle.net website. Once you log in, go to account, and under Classic Games, click the Starcraft Anthology. This page has links to download the game client for either Mac or Windows. –  JamesCW Mar 12 '13 at 15:50

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