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In the Sapphire sector way at the top side, there is a black hole and right next to it is a jump field. However, my ship tends to blow up before getting there (that black hole might have something to do about that). So how can I safely enter the jump area?

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I tried:

  • Using high power shields and shield boosters
  • Passing through with high velocity
  • Using jumpdrive near it to reach over 10k
  • Redlight jump when you go through gates

I've finally succeeded by jumping to 79900.-2000.72500 from somewhere near the hole. Half of my shield was damaged, and no damage to fuselage. I jumped to somewhere in Talison.

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nice, when you say high power shields and shield boosters, how high are we talking about? What type of ship were you using? – l I Feb 29 '12 at 12:22

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