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The Nintendo 3DS comes with Face Raiders, an Augmented Reality game played with pictures taken with the 3DS. I want to get more faces for my face collection, but the new faces disappear when I lose a level. Is there a way to get a new face to stay, without having to play a level?

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Faces never stay if you lose a level, but there are ways to collect faces faster:

  • The Show a Friend level is short and easy, and if you don't mind cheating you can play it without a friend.
  • Once you play Show a Friend three times, the Bonus Stage is unlocked. In this stage faces fall forever and you only need to juggle and destroy one to have it considered "won".
  • Leaving the Surprise Snaps mode on will have the camera take pictures of faces it detects while you're playing the game. This will let you get more than one new face per round.
  • Finally, sometimes a UFO "captures" faces it detects in the regular 3DS camera album. You still need to play a level with them to unlock them completely, but you can take pictures when you don't have time to play and then clear the levels when you do.
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