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I'm a level 40 champion and I've had the books for the legendary skills for about a day of gameplay and I've talked to Gimli, I've read multiple things about people finding every page in a single Angmar run, but I haven't had a single page fall for me, What should I do?

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I'm sure you clicked the books to "read" them and got the deeds in your deed log. I hate to say it but sometimes the drop rate sucks for these books. Also keep in mind that the pages only drop from humanoid mobs. – seth.miller Jan 27 '12 at 1:06

Legendary pages drop of humanoid in different area's. For the first four pages this is Angmar and Eregion, for the second half Misty Mountains and Forochel. You must kill humanoids in at least 2 regions to get all pages. And yes, it does take a while. Just make sure you get them before entering Moria

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You can get those pages from drops form mobs. I usually do the instance assist Gimli and assist Legolas to catch them. You can always get the pages in Moria.

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