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Is there a plugin to tell what time it is in my SMP server (time in game) without changing the time? I'm hoping for a plugin, and not a mod like Single Player Commands that I have to compile into the server .jar. My other idea is to parse the logs for the last time someone used /time and figure it out from there.

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What does /time add 0 do? I can't check right now but that could be what you want. – fredley Jan 30 '12 at 15:58
It prints "10:48:29 [INFO] CONSOLE: Added 0 to time". I'd still have to dig back through the logs for the last time someone set it to an absolute time. – ServerCobra Jan 30 '12 at 16:47
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Figured it out. The data is in the level.dat file. Assuming you're using Python, here's a code snippet that should get the current time (run "sudo pip install nbt" first):

import nbt
def get_time():
    n = nbt.NBTFile('%s/%s/level.dat' % (minecraft_dir, session_name))
    if n == None:
        return None
        return n[0]["Time"].value % 24000

For bonus points, you can change the modulo to a division sign and get how many days it has been since you started.

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