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Can I apply a retail code to an account that already has a retail code applied? I only applied this code from COH GR AFTER Freedom was launched. Do I still get the same benefits as a VIP, the costume pieces, powersets and reward tokens?

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You can apply multiple retail codes to City of Heroes accounts that already have retail codes on them, within some limitations. (For example, I do not think you can apply multiple copies of the same type of retail box on a single account, so if you have already applied Going Rogue to your account, you likely cannot add a second Going Rogue code but may be able to add an Architect Edition code.)

To answer your question specific to applying Going Rogue after Freedom, I found this City of Heroes forum post that describes what you get in great detail. But to summarize here, you would get:

  • 30 days of VIP access (this includes your 400 Paragon Points for being a VIP member for a month, as well as corresponding Reward Tokens)
  • All the Going Rogue costume pieces and emotes (ex. Resistance and Praetorian Clockwork pieces)
  • All the Going Rogue powersets (Dual Pistols, Demon Summoning, Electric Control Kinetic Melee)
  • Access to the alignment system
  • Access to Praetoria
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