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I'm interested in the time from start to when the first 6 zerglings spawn for the 6 and 7 pool rush. Is the 6-pool significantly faster?

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Based on these two videos: 7pool and 6pool

The timing seem to be:

  • 7 Pool: 1:20
  • 6 Pool: 1:35

Note: these values are in Real Time, not Game Time.

Based on your skill your results may very.

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Looking at the videos it seems to be 2:20 gametime for 6-pool and 2:30 for 7-pool so there seems to be no significant difference and if the rush fails 6-pool leaves you with a slightly weaker economy. – dbemerlin Aug 9 '10 at 22:23
Again there is a difference between gametime and realtime. The numbers I posted are for a player playing the game. An in game replay will show different numbers as gametime is faster – tzenes Aug 9 '10 at 23:04

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