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I'm playing as a Ranger in LOTR:WITN and from what I can tell, my racial ability is to be able to see "glowing footsteps" from other Rangers and find secret stashes. This has happened twice in about 6 completed missions. My brother-in-law is playing as the Elven mage and is able to collect plants etc to be used in crafting potions, and he's doing that all the time. The (AI-controlled) dwarf seems to have a battle cry of some sort which he performs 20 times a mission.

It seems that I got hosed in the racial ability stakes, is that correct? Or am I missing something?

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According to this forum post (and you have to read down for a correction), these are the "special abilities" for each race:

  • Rangers (Human): see the hidden tracks of animals or other creatures
  • Elves: Collect herbs for making potions
  • Dwarves: See and break into weak places in walls/doors
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