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One of the achievements in KoA is "Destiny Dominated" - I must complete the game on "Hard" difficulty.

What are the requirements for this achievement? Can I just turn the difficulty to hard near the end of the game? If not, since I started this run on Normal, will I have to start over and finish the game completely on Hard without changing the difficulty?

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I have a feeling that you have to start on hard and keep it there the whole way.

I initially started on hard but I just don't really feel like fighting harder battles for no real benefit and wanted to lower it (I now have less time to play since I'm really busy with work nowadays). In trying to change it, I was warned that doing so may make [me] ineligible for certain achievements. So by that, it sounds like just lowering it below hard at any point in the game will kill chances for the achievement.

Yeah I know, that message comes up if you change the difficulty from any level, but that wouldn't make my theory wrong.

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The achievement guide for Reckoning ( indicates you need to play on Hard all the way through as well. – Adeese Feb 11 '12 at 23:48

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