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I've owned a copy of skyrim since day one, but I have barely gone beyond level 25 with a character and have only explored parts of the map. I can't wait to explore skyrim again, but I have this annoying trouble of choosing build, race and style of play.

I began as a conjurer/mage, wich was fun, but then I lost interrest at lvl 28. I started an Orc warrior. to lvl 15, got bored, and most recently I've tried a "Scout", focusing on 1h, shield, archery and alchemy. And a nightblade, with illusion and stealth, with some extra destruction, wich is a really good build, but it just dies after a while, and I just want to quit the game when I play with any of theese characters.

I just can't push myself with a character for longer than 20-30 levels, is there anything you can give me advise in, mental support, or specific character builds, that I just can't get bored of? Skyrim is yet unexplored, help.

I'm starting to think that the actual game is not fit for me.

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Welcome to Gaming! Stack Exchange sites work best with narrowly-focused questions on specific topics; discussion simply isn't a good fit here, and it seems to me as though you're looking for a discussion about Skyrim. Chat is a great place for that, if you pick up enough rep to be able to participate in it. In the meantime, you might look through other Skyrim character-build questions to see which ones work better with this site. –  Dave DuPlantis Feb 8 '12 at 18:04
You didn't mention focused archery. Try that one. –  David B Feb 8 '12 at 18:30
You know, for what it's worth, why not just try changing your character mid-game to suit what you're interested in? I went from a two-handed warrior build to a magic build with a ton of perks in Destruction to a stealth archer. They shared almost no perks. And heck, she was a Nord and wasn't naturally good at any of the last two. She still dominated by end-game; Skyrim doesn't really penalize you for changing horses midstream. –  brymck Feb 9 '12 at 1:08

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You play videogames because they are fun, not because you have to. It's clear that Skyrim can't hold your interest for long, so why are you still putting effort into it?

On a different note I don't understand all this fuss about choosing a character. The game will cater to pretty much any mix of abilities you choose. You're supposed to be exploring the world, getting entangled into all the little dramas that take place and helping resolve them, not worry about a "build".

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The scale, the contents, the quests, the dialog, all this I want to explore, so far there's really nothing wrong with Skyrim, just the combat, for me. I've played through most of oblivion and very much of morrowind without problem with the actual character. –  Rikard Feb 8 '12 at 18:12

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